About Me

~ www.FourDaughtersPhotography.com ~ Specializing in the photography of girls, women and weddings. Clients, please feel free to tag yourself. Thank you for not cropping or altering imagery in any way.

I am a dreamer, entrepreneur and mom of four daughters. I absolutely love being a mom and coaching my daughters through their individual experiences. In my high and lofty imagination, I am a Queen, a Madame, the CEO and founder of the Empire of Haute Moms and have a masters degree in Professional Momology.  I thrive on the challenge of keeping my family and growing business organized and managed well. I love sleek, modern lines and lots of white space, both in my environment and in my head. Clutter is my pet peeve. Making love is always a good idea.  I also love eyeshadow, wine and any excuse to dress up. I’ve been guilty of putting up my hair in a fancy updo, dressing up, throwing on a pair of heels…and then going to the grocery store. Cuz, ya know…just for me, right?! Personal growth is absolutely necessary, and at the end of the day you should feel happy about the steps you took toward your goals, no matter how small they may seem at the time. Living my dreams and sharing my happiness is only an invitation for others to do the same. I believe we can all be the First Lady in the empires we build. One of my biggest passions is all about slaying the Mom Frump in this world and replacing it with women who have discovered the happiness each of us deserve, woman who have fallen in love with themselves and created their very own haute and fabulous life and women who lead their lives with dignity and power. I want YOU to thrive, and I will share with you the practical tools that have helped me go from surviving to thriving. These tools have been the super awesome secret sauce for building my haute and fabulous life and for managing my family and business with flair. You will be inspired and empowered because you will think to yourself, “If she can do it, I can do it.” And you CAN!  Together, we will hack the best and most practical ways to successfully manage family and business by learning how to better care for ourselves, how to manage our time and calendars, how to engage our family in chores and household responsibility, how to present ourselves in our best light and so much more!  Fall in love with you, and don’t be afraid to live the haute and fabulous life you deserve!


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