My 5 Sunday Housekeeping Chores…

….that only take me a few hours, but save me soooo much time the rest of the week.  By doing these 5 chores on Sunday evening, I feel prepared and ready to lead the week. It sets me up to experience less frustration and better time management.  What I have found is that, I often need the cushion of time in the evenings that this preparation affords me.

#1]  I clean my car.

I very much dislike driving a car full of trash and half eaten granola bars.  Most of the time, the kids are responsible every night to take all of their own belongings in the house. However, there is the occasional mitten or library book or shoe that gets left behind, not to mention the trash that gets stashed in the door pockets.  With four kids, this can really add up in a week’s time.  I keep a handy, dandy plastic bag or two in the car and use it to gather trash.  Sometimes I enlist the kids to help with getting the trash and miscellaneous items out of the car.  I vacuum and do a quick wipe down of windows and seats and run that baby through the car wash.

#2]  I fill my car with gas and a case of water bottles.

Normally, it only takes about a tank of gas per week for all of our normal running around town.  Empty tanks have a way of  sneaking up on me, and I find it totally annoying  when I am running tight with time only to glance down at the gas gauge screaming at me that I only have 3 miles left to empty.  To avoid this, I stop and fill the car with gas  when I am out and about running errands Sunday afternoon.  I also check to make sure there are several water bottles in the back of the car.  I usually just grab a case of water bottles, which lasts for a week or two. This way they are always handy and available and it’s one last thing I have to remember.  It also saves money at the vending machine.  When I am driving the kids to practices and games, and they forget their water bottles, wa-la, mom is prepared.  Obviously, in the summer the water gets warm and in the winter it may freeze….something is always better than nothing, in my opinion.

#3]   I go to the grocery store.

This saves all those little 30+ minute trips to the store to quickly grab something for dinner.  It saves brain power and planning energy as well as time.  Obviously, there is the occasional unexpected run I may have to make once in a great while; but as a general rule, I grocery shop on Sunday afternoon or evening for the entire week ahead.  This means I have checked my week’s schedule to see if any of the kids are signed up to take snack to school, or if we have friends stopping in. I have also prepared a menu for the week and have a grocery list for that.  And, honestly, going to the grocery in a clean car sans kids is like a my mini vacation for the week.   Sometimes I even enjoy one of those water bottles all by myself sans kid backwash.

#4]  I put the groceries away and do any meal prep that I can for the week.

Again, this refers back to the menu I have planned for the week.  I keep this very simple as I don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.  Errr…..I don’t WANT to spend a lot of time in the kitchen during the week.  I usually plan, at least, one crock pot dinner and a dinner that I can make double of and freeze one portion for an emergency situation, as well, as prepping several packages of marinaded chicken or whatever for broiling or grilling.  Having all the groceries stocked and prepped for the week  also feels like a mini-mind-vacation.  

#5]  I clean the house.

Once a month, I am lucky enough to have an awesome housekeeper come in and take care of the deep  cleaning, like walls and windows and cupboards and bedding, etc.  Every Sunday evening, I run through the house and do a quick disinfecting wipe down of the kitchen and bathrooms as well as sweep, vacuum and wash the floors.  I also make sure laundry is caught up and everything is back in it’s place.  This is one reason for why I LOVE MONDAYS.

I am happy to share these super practical and simple tips with you.  If a different day of the week works better for you, then have at it.  The point is that a bit of simplifying and planning and preparing can be so helpful and give so much back to you whether in the form of  less stress or even time.  Leave me a comment sharing YOUR weekly preparation tips, reasons for why these tips would or would not work for you.

Have an awesome weekend!




  1. Becki —this is almost as good as living next door to you – I don’t feel like I am
    missing out on all of your lives. Keep up your cheerful posts, and great ideas – hugs to each of the girls, and you too.


  2. Great tips, Becky!! I had read this last week and actually thought of it as I was grocery shopping yesterday… so I filled the van up, cleaned it out, and came home and hit the house!!!

    Feeling ready for this Monday morning- thanks for the inspiration!!


  3. Amber, I love hearing about how different women apply this inspiration to their lives! Would love to hear about how this impacted your week. Did you feel like you could hit Monday morning w/ good momentum? How did the rest of your week go?


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