5 Marketing Tips

Are you overwhelmed with marketing and all that you feel like you should be doing?  Does the world of social media feel  daunting and complicated?  Have you tried different types of marketing with meager return?  Here are 5 marketing tips to consider as you strategize and implement a marketing plan for a successful 2014.

1:  Know your marketing personality.

Reflect on the types of marketing you’ve engaged in whether it be in the form of social media, publications, networking, tv advertising, investment in SEO, radio ads, etc.  Which did you MOST enjoy?  Which did you LEAST enjoy?  Which flows naturally with your lifestyle and the people you meet? Pick one or two that were the most effective and dump 80-100% of your resources into those.  You will most likely be surprised to notice that the types you most enjoyed were the most successful.  They were successful because you were happy to invest your time and energy.


2:  Create a practical system or plan.

Practicality is the key word here.  You can create the best, the most lofty, the smartest, the most detailed, the most executive system or plan, but if it’s not actually achievable or practical, it is pointless.  The part of the plan that will work for you is the part that is achievable.  You can only get to where you are going when your wheels hit the road.


3:  Stay flexibly consistent with that system or plan.

Consistency is a huge key to success.  However, if we see that a certain system or piece of that system does not produce results, why force the issue, eh?  These systems need to be test driven a bit in order to calculate the results.  Stay consistent with the pieces that bring results.  Refine the rest.


4:  Know your target market.

This is pretty simple.  For example, my target market is women, approximately between the ages of 25-40.  You know where I will be hanging out.  At the spa.  At the gym.  At the spa.  At the kid’s school.  At the spa.  At my daughter’s volleyball game.  At the spa.  You get the picture.


5:  Understand the role or roles you play in your relationship with your target market.

If your role is to bring comfort to your client, it’s to your advantage to know that in order to give them the best client care you possibly can.  Understanding the role that you play with your clients and the relationship you have, will help you effectively market yourself in a way that will solve problems and meet needs.


*BONUS*  6:  Bite the bullet.  Or, like Nike says, “Just Do It”.

Instead of sitting around trying to guess what the results are going to be, try something.  Strategize.  But don’t linger there.  Give your strategy some action and go get it.   Trying does not guarantee success, but not trying at all guarantees failure.


Happy Marketing!  Please like and share these simple tips for marketing.


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