Why I Chose To Be An Entrepreneur

I am not even sure if this was a choice of mine.  Some things in life are just your chartered path, whether you like it or not.  Entrepreneurship is built into my genes.  It is part of who I am.  My dad is an entrepreneur.  My Mom and her family and parents were entrepreneurs.  My brother is an entrepreneur.  It is part of who I am.

Aside from that, a huge reason for having my own business is wrapped up in the fact that my kids are a top priority to me.  It is important to me that my schedule is flexible enough to be able to hang out at school because one of the girls is struggling and needing extra support,  to be able to make it to my daughter’s 4pm volleyball games or to be able to chaperone field trips.  It is also necessary for me to be efficient with my time….often, I am packing an 8hr work day into about 5 hours.  I need the flexibility and freedom of creating my own schedule.

Running my own business also provides me with plenty of opportunity to fulfill my need for creativity. I am a creative and a visionary, and I always have a hundred and one ideas running through my head.

I love interacting and engaging with people whether it be through networking or simply establishing one-to-one relationships.  I am an extrovert and am energized by hanging out with people.  There is no way I could be stuck behind a desk all day.

What are your reasons for choosing entrepreneurship?  What needs does this fulfill in your life?  Inspire and be inspired.  Comment below.


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