About Me

  • I am a single mom raising four amazing and beautiful daughters ages, 13, 11, 6 and 4.  Occasionally, I want to pull my hair out.  Mostly, I just feel so lucky to be the one who gets to drive Mom Taxi, play referee and nurse, pack lunches, host play dates and sleepovers, manage our household, and watch them grow into their very own strong personalities and independence.
  • I own a photography business, specializing in the photography of children, families and weddings.  
  • I am not formally educated; but rather, educated by trial and error, doing some things right and some things wrong, learning from others, receiving mentoring from other business professionals and, of course, The Great School of YouTube.  I do practice what I preach.  My credentials are earned  by getting up and making it happen every single day.
  • I love organization.  I am not OCD about it.  However, if I find myself stressed and needing to decompress, I will find a cupboard or an area to clean and organize.
  • I am not good in the kitchen.  I used to be able to cook and bake anything.  Now, you would never know that.  I can’t even bake brownies without burning them.
  • I love to read.  Mostly books on personal development and business.  
  • I do not enjoy being in the kitchen with my kids….as in, teaching them to cook or bake.  It makes me crazy.  I’d rather stick needles in my eyes.
  • I manage a crazy, crazy schedule balancing my business and all four of the girls’s schedules….but I absolutely LOVE it.  We spend a lot of time together in the car, and one of our favorite things is jamming to the radio.  Often, we drive an extra loop or two around the block in order to finish a favorite song before we pull into our driveway to call it quits for the night.
  • I  love when my big girls come home from shopping and they buy things that I like and can wear.  It’s flattering on both sides.
  • I love eyeshadow and lipgloss and bracelets and stilettos.  No one argues with a girl in stilettos. 
  • I love the smell of babies.

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